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Physics Practical for class 9th & 10th 2023


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Physics Practical for class 9th & 10th 2023

Are you looking for the list of most important Practical for Matric Classes 2023. Ilmkiroshni is a platform where you can find any type of study materials for all Subjects all Classes related to practicals.

s students prepare for their 9th and 10th class exams in Punjab, it’s essential to focus on the practical exams that form a significant part of their final grades. Practicals are a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of scientific concepts and theories in real-life scenarios. To help students excel in their practical exams, we’ve compiled a list of the most repeated and important practicals for all Punjab boards in 2023.

List of important Physics Practical for Matric Classes in 2023

Physics is a crucial subject for 9th and 10th class students in Punjab. It involves the study of the physical world around us, and practicals play a vital role in enhancing students’ understanding of scientific concepts. To help students excel in their physics practical exams, we’ve compiled a list of the most repeated and important practicals for all Punjab boards in 2023.

Physics Practical for class 9th & 10th 2023 (1)

9TH Class Physics Practical 2023

  1. Measure the area of cross section solid cylinder with vernier Callipers
  2. Measure the volume of a solid cylinder with vernier callipers.
  3. Measure the thickness of a metal strip using a screw gauge.
  4. To find the acceleration of a ball rolling down
  5. Calculate value of “g” by free fall method.
  6. To determine the value of “g” by the Atwood’s machine.
  7. To verify the principle of moments by using a metre rod balanced on a wedge.
  8. To find the tension in the strings by balancing a metre rod on the stands.
  9. To find the weight of an unknown object by using principle of moments.
  10. To study the effect of the length of simple pendulum on time and hence find “g” by calculation.
  11. To prove that time period of a simple pendulum is independent of (i) mass of the pendulum (ii) amplitude of the vibration

10TH Class Physics Most Important Practical 2023

  1. Calculate refractive index of water by using concave mirror or by glass slab
  2. To determine the critical angle using light ray box/or by prism.
  3. Verify the laws of refraction by using glass slab
  4. To trace the path of a ray of light through glass prism and measure the angle of deviation.
  5. To find the focal length of a convex lens by parallax method.
  6. Verify Ohm’s law (using wire as conductor).
  7. To study resistors in series circuit                         
  8. To find the resistance of galvanometer by half deflection method.
  9. To trace the magnetic field using a bar magnet.
  10. To verify the truth table of OR, AND, NOT, NOR and NAND gates.

List of Apparatus use in Practical for Matric Classes

  1. Vernier callipers
  2. solid cylinder
  3. Vernier callipers
  4. solid cylinder
  5. Screw gauge
  6. metal strip or small solid sphere or a piece of wire
  7. Angle iron 2m long
  8. 2 wooden stands having V-shaped top
  9. steel ball
  10. stopwatch,
  • metre rod.
  1. Free-fall apparatus,
  2. a metal bob,
  4. Horizontal plane
  5. weight box,
  • pulley,
  • wooden block,
  • pan, thread,
  • spring balance,

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