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Chemistry 1st Year Guess Paper 2023 all Punjab Board


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Chemistry 1st Year Guess Paper 2023 all Punjab Board

Chemistry 1st Year Guess Paper 2023 Full book all chapters


  1. What is limiting reactant? Give two examples. How limiting reactant can be identified?
  2. Define yield. Write its types. How efficiency of a reaction can be measured? 
  3. Define stoichiometry. Write its assumption with relationships.

Chapter#03 Numerical(Exercise +examoles)



  1. Define LDF. write factors affecting London dispersion forces.
  2.  How hydrogen bonding exaplain the structure of ice? 
  3. What are liquid crystals? Write its uses. 
  4. Define hydrogen bonding. Write its biological applications.


  1. Explain seven crystal systems with angles, edges and examples.
  2. What are ionic solid? Write properties of ionic solid. 
  3. What is electron gas theories? Write properties of metallic solids. 
  4. Explain the structure of NaCl. 
  5. What are molecular solids? Write its properties. 


  1. Write discovery of neutron. Write properties of neutron
  2. What is J.J.Thomson ‘s experiment to determine the e/m ratio of electron?
  3.  Write Millikan’s oil drop experiment to calculate the charge on an electron
  4. Write postulates of Borh’s atomic model. Derive a formula to calculate the radius of nth orbit of H-atom.
  5.  Write defects of Bohr’s atomic model
  6. What is spectrum? Write origin of hydrogen spectrum.
  7. How x-rays are produced? Give importance of Moseley law.


  1. Define ionization energy. Write its trend in periodic table.
  2. Give the main postulates of VSEPR theory.
  3. Define atomic hybridization. Explain sp1,2,3 hybridization with examples.
  4. Write postulates of valence Bond theory. Explain the formation of sigma and pi bonds.
  5. Draw MOT diagram of O2. Explain the paramagnetic behavior of oxygen molecule.

Chapter # 07 Thermochemistry

  1. Define Hess’s law of heat summation. Explain it with an example.
  2. How enthalpy of combustion is calculated by bomb calorimeter. 4. How enthalpy of neutralization is measured by glass calorimeter
  3. Prove that: ∆H = qp

Chapter #08 Chemical equilibrium

 Numerical: exercise and examples. 

Chapter # 09 Solutions

  1. Write Landsburger’ method to find elevation in boiling point of solution.
  2. Write Beckmann’s method to measure the depression in freezing point of solution.

Chapter # 10 Solutions

  1. Differentiate between electrolytic cell and galvanic cell
  2. Describe the Galvanic or voltaic cell with diagram. Write function of salt bridge.

Chapter # 11 Reaction kinetics

  1. Define order of reaction. Explain it types with one example.
  2. Write Arrhenius equation. How does it help us to calculate the energy of activation of a reaction?
  3. What is meant by catalysis? Explain homogenous and heterogenous catalysis.

The Chemistry 1st Year Guess Paper 2023 examinations are crucial milestones for students as they mark the transition from school to college. To help you prepare effectively and excel in your exams, we have prepared this guess paper. This guess paper is designed to give you an overview of important topics and provide you with a direction for your studies. While this guess paper is not a substitute for thorough preparation, it can serve as a valuable tool to supplement your existing knowledge and guide you towards success Chemistry 1st Year Guess Paper 2023.

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