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2nd Year Urdu Chapter-wise Complete Notes


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2nd Year Urdu Chapter-wise Complete Notes

12th Class Urdu notes is a comprehensive study package designed to help students of all levels to excel in their FA/FSC ICS Urdu studies. This pack will provide students with an extensive range of multiple choice questions and answers, as well as short and long questions, with step-by-step solutions to enhance their understanding. The content included is relevant for 2nd year Urdu syllabus across multiple boards and follows the latest exam patterns and guidelines.

Urdu Notes Chapter 1 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

Khulasa Ch 1:

Short Questions Ch 1: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 1: 3 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 2 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Tashkeel e Pakistan

Khulasa Ch 2:

Short Questions Ch 2: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 2: 6 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 3 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Nawab Mohsin ul Malik

Khulasa Ch 3:

Short Questions Ch 3: 9 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 3: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 4 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Mehnat pasand Khirad Mand

Khulasa Ch 4:

Short Questions Ch 4: 9 Questions 

Solved Exercise Ch 4: 4 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 5 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Akbari Ki Hamaqtain

Khulasa Ch 5:

Short Questions Ch 5: 10 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 5: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 6 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Pehli Fatah

Khulasa Ch 6:

Short Questions Ch 6: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 6: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 7 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Dastak

Short Questions Ch 7: 12 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 7: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 8 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Hawai

Khulasa Ch 8:

Short Questions Ch 8:  42 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 8:  6 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 9 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Chiragh Hassan Hasrat

Khulasa Ch 9:

Short Questions Ch 9: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 9: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 10 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Qartaba Ka Qazi

Khulasa Ch 10:

Short Questions Ch 10: 12 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 10: 6 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 11 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Muwaslaat K Jadeed Zarai

Khulasa Ch 11:

Short Questions Ch 11: 12 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 11: 4 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 12 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Shahid Ahmad Dehlvi

Khulasa Ch 12:

Short Questions Ch 12: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 12: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 13 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Aik Safar Nama jo kahi ka b nahi hy

Khulasa Ch 13:

Short Questions Ch 13: 12 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 13: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 14 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui

Khulasa Ch 14:

Short Questions Ch 14: 14 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 14: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 1 Class 12 PDF

Chapter Name: Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

Khulasa Ch 1:

Short Questions Ch 1: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 1: 3 Questions

2nd Year Urdu Nazam Complete Notes

Urdu Notes Nazam 1 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 1: Hamad

Nazam 1 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 1: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 2 Class 12 PDF

Nazam  2: Naat

Nazam 2 Explanation: 

Solved Exercise Nazam 2: 7 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 3 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 3: Khuda Sarsabaz Rakhy Is Chaman ko Meharban ho kr

Nazam 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 3: 6 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 4 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 4: Islami Masawaat

Nazam 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 4: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 5 Class 12 PDF

Nazam  5: Suragh E Rahroo

Nazam 5 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 5: 7 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 6 Class 12 PDF

Nazam  6: Admi

Nazam 6 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 6:  Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 7 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 7: Nojawan Sy Khitab

Nazam 7 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 7: 7 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 8 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 8: Aik Kohistani Safar k Doran me

Nazam 8 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 8: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 9 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 9: Taghaeyur

Nazam 9 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 9: 7 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 10 Class 12 PDF

Nazam 10: Kitaat

Nazam 10 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 10: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 1 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 1: Khawaja Meer Dard

Ghazal 1 Explanation:

Urdu Notes Ghazal 2 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 2: Khawaja Meer Dard

Ghazal 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 2: 11 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 3 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 3:  Sheikh Ghulam Hamdani 

Ghazal 3 Explanation:

Urdu Notes Ghazal 4 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 4: Sheikh Ghulam Hamdani 

Ghazal 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 4: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 5 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 5: Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib

Ghazal 5 Explanation:

Urdu Notes Ghazal 6 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 6: Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib

Ghazal 6 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 6: 9 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 7 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 7:  Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Ghazal 7 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 7: 13 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 8 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 8: Faraq Gorakhpoori

Ghazal 8 Explanation

Urdu Notes Ghazal 9 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 9: Faraq Gorakhpoori

Ghazal 9 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 9: 4 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 10 Class 12 PDF

Ghazal 10: Tabish Daihlavi

Ghazal 10 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 10: 5 Questions

Urdu notes for 2nd Year Urdu Class F.Sc part2, I.CS, I.Com, F.A ,XII  

All questions are designed to cover important concepts, facts, topics and terminologies that students need to know in order to achieve success in their exams. The pack also includes detailed explanations for each answer which ensures that an adequate amount of understanding is maintained. The multiple choice question sets will help students improve their problem-solving skills, while the short and long questions will help strengthen their analytical abilities. In addition, students can benefit from detailed feedback from experienced instructors which can be used to further expand on existing knowledge and skills. With this comprehensive package, students are sure to gain a better understanding of Urdu and lay strong foundations for future studies. 

By using these notes, students can be sure to ace their exams and get the best results. Moreover, all answers have been thoroughly checked by experienced educators to ensure that the content is 100% accurate and reliable. Furthermore, these MCQs are regularly updated with new exam patterns so that there is no chance of any outdated material being available. All in all, 

2nd Year Urdu Chapter-wise Complete Notes - IlmKiRoshni

these 2nd Year Urdu notes (F.Sc part2, I.CS, I.Com, F.A ,XII )Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Complete Solution provides students with the best possible chance of success in their exams. 

So make sure to take advantage of this fantastic offer and ensure you get the best results in your Urdu studies! 

2nd Year Urdu notes With Answers in PDF form

Ilmkiroshni is the ideal resource for students looking to get a comprehensive overview of the subject. The questions are arranged according to chapter and cover a range of topics, allowing students to test their knowledge in each area. Each question is accompanied by an answer, providing an instant assessment of how well they did. Additionally, there are short and long questions that present more challenging situations which require further analysis and research on the part of the student. This ensures that exam preparation is thorough and comprehensive. With this resource at hand, students can be sure they have all the tools required to ace their exams! 

Our Website ilmkiroshni also provides helpful study resources such as notes for class 9,10,11,12th . There’s also a discussion forum where students can ask questions and receive answers from experienced tutors. Students can also find tips on effective studying techniques and practice past paper questions to become well-prepared for the final exams. 

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to ace your Urdu exam with 2nd Year Urdu Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Answers in Pdf Our Website! It’s the only resource you need to ensure success. Sign up now and start studying today!

FAQs 2nd Year Urdu Chapterwise Complete Notes

What kind of resources are available on 2nd Year Urdu Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Answers in Pdf Our Website?

The website provides multiple resources for students to use in their exam preparation. These include multiple choice questions (MCQs), short and long questions, answer keys, study notes, summaries, audio-visual aids and a discussion forum.

Is the material provided on 2nd Year Urdu Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Answers in Pdf Our Website up to date?

Yes! All the material is regularly updated so that it remains relevant for upcoming exams.

Are there any tips on effective studying techniques available?

Yes! Our website provides helpful tips and resources to help students study effectively.

Is 2nd Year Urdu Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Answers in Pdf Our Website suitable for all levels of learners?

Absolutely! The material provided is suitable for all levels – from beginners to advanced students. Whatever your level of understanding, this resource has something for everyone!

Is the material provided on 2nd Year Urdu Chapter Wise MCQs, Short and Long Question With Answers in Pdf Our Website free to access?

Yes! All the material is available to use for free. Sign up today and start studying right away!

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