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12th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2023


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12th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2023

12th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2023



  1. Define data and information
  2.  Define data capturing and data manipulation
  3.  Define data set and data dictionary
  4.  Define network model
  5.  what is record and field?
  6.  Define program
  7.  what is Direct Access file and sequential file?
  8.  Define Data integrity
  9.  State the purpose of query language
  10. List three example of DBMS
  11.  what is the purpose of backup and recovery
  12. Differentiate between database and table
  13.  List down any two feature of DBMS 
  14. Why are keys define in table?
  15.  Distinguish between entity class and entity



  1. Define entity integrity
  2.  Define referential integrity
  3.  what is normalisation ?
  4.  write difference between full functional dependency and transitive dependency
  5. What are database anomalies? list their names
  6.  Define mutual exclusiveness of data
  7. Write any two criteria to select file organization
  8.  what is the importance of project planning?
  9. List three uses of logic floor diagram 
  10. What is the concept of data distribution strategy
  11.  Define repeating group
  12. 5,6  


  • Define integrated development environment discuss two disadvantages
  • Write advantages of IDE
  •  How query is written?
  • List four advantages of query
  • State uses of wild cards
  • List two advantages of MS Access
  •  what is database wizard?
  •  define form list its two uses
  •  list any two uses of report
  •  what is O L E object in MS Access?
  •  what is use of input mask?


  • Write two characteristic of C language
  • Write the use of Turbo C++
  •  Define source code
  •  Define Delimitters
  • What is debugging?
  •  Define form in MS Access
  •  What is object oriented language?
  •  Write advantages of form?
  •  What is statement of Terminator


  • What is an identifier? give an example
  •  differentiate between standard and user define identifier
  •  what is garbage value?
  •  why does cancellation error occur?
  • Define standard input
  • What is scanf function?
  •  discuss operator of C

UNIT 11,12

  • What is control structure list types?
  •  Define compound statement
  •  what is the use of if-else statement?
  •  what do you mean by condition?
  •  what is nested if statement right sentence?
  • Write down the syntax of ternary operator
  •  wire sential value used in loop

UNIT 13,14

  • What is meant by function definition?
  •  write Syntax of function definition?
  •  what is lifetime of global variable
  •  what is returns statement
  •  what is a function call statement
  • write file opening modes
  •  write the use of new line marker
  •  Define local variable 
  • How is file open and closed in C


  1. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of DBMS
  2. Explain major components of DBMS all so discuss type of database model 
  3. write activity involve in data processing
  4. How relation are formed in DBMS? write down properties of relation


  1. What is a table? write its characteristic and method to modify a table
  2. Explain procedure for creating a simple form also discuss procedure to create form by using Wizard and design view
  3. Define query discuss its type


  1. Discuss language processor and their uses discuss different type of language processor
  2. what is an error explain different type of error in C language 
  3. Explain different types of variable

UNIT #11

  1. Write a program that input mark and display” congratulation” if the mark are 40 are more otherwise “fail”
  2. Write a program which input three numbers and display largest number and smallest number
  3.  write a program in C which input year and print either it is leap year or not?
  4. Write a program that input a number from user and tell whether it is divisible on 3 or not


  1. Discuss nested and do while loop explain their working with example
  2.  what is control structure describe them for writing a program

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