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10th class chemistry guess paper 2022


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10th class chemistry guess paper 2022


 Short Questions:

  1. Differentiate between reversible and irreversible reaction
  2. Write down two uses of acids.
  3. Which acid are found in urine lemon ?
  4. Describe Lowery- Bransted theory.
  5. What is neutralized reaction ?write a chemical equation
  6. Write the equilibrium constant unit for the reaction                                       2NO                 N2O4
  7. What is the difference between forward and reverse reaction?
  8. How protein are formed?
  9. What do you know about oligo- Saccharides?
  10. Describe the two uses of methane and ethane.
  11. Define cyclic and acyclic compounds.
  12. Define functional group give one example.
  13. What happens when ammonical brine is formed?
  14. Write any four names of diseases born by water.
  15. What is amino acid?
  16. How FeS is converted into FeSiO3 .
  17. Define Pollutants and air pollutants
  18. What is electromagnetic separation
  19. Define saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  20. What happens when ammonical brine is carbonated?
  21. How ammonia act as a Lewis base?
  22. Write any two uses of NaOH and CaOH.
  23. Why are ten amino acid essential for us ?
  24. What are the difference between aromatic and alicyclic compound
  25. Write the down the dot and cross formulae of propane and n- butane.
  26. Write two sources of carbohydrates.
  27. How  ammonia is recovered in Solvay’s process?
  28. What are the reasons of waterborne diseases?
  29. Write names and formulas of two ores of copper?
  30. How is ozone layer formed in stratosphere?
  31. For which reaction, Equilibrium has no units?
  32. Write the chemical formula of Palmatic acid and stearic acid.
  33. Justify that alkenes give substitution reaction.
  34. Differentiate between oil and ghee.
  35. Define blister copper and anode mud.
  36. How nitric oxide (NO) is formed?
  37. What is meant by bessemerization?
  38. Define gravity separation and froth floatation process.
  39. What do you mean by scum?
  40. Give the preparation of Alkynes by Dehydrohalogenation.


  1. (a)Explain Law of mass action + importance of equilibrium constant

     (b) Lewis concept of acid and basis

  1. (a) Explain general properties and uses of basis

    (b) Define Salt. Give the characteristics of salt

  1. (a) Explain homologous series

    (b) Explain alkanes (Preparation+physical+chemical properties+ uses)

OR Explain oxidation of acetylene

  1. (a) Explain Proteins(Complete)

    (b) Explain ozone depletion and its effects

5.(a) Explain hard water (types+ methods+disadventages)

   (b) Explain Solvay’s Process+adventages of Solvay’s process

6.(a) Write a note on four water borne diseases

(b) Write a note on Vitamins

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